New Handpan Music by Alexandre Lora

Alex tells the HandpanWorld™ team about the experience of his new handpan album: "Getting to the desert".
Alexandre Lora Handpan New Album 2020

Getting to the desert it’s an album that came to celebrate a new moment in my handpan journey that I have prepared to you all, full of love, passion, and hard work.” Explained Alex.

“This album was recorded with Yishama’s Pantam and it is a result of a new partnership and collaboration, between Yishama and me, that I’m very honored and proud to announce.
Also brings the spirit of the Desert, after an amazing experience in Sinai, nearby Israel and Egypt border, where I could for the first time enjoy and feel the beauty and the mystery of the Desert”

“At this moment of life, I really expect that this music can bring to people a little bit of hope and serenity, to face our new reality.
This is what I wish for you, for me, and to all my brothers and sisters around the globe!”

Getting to the desert Alexandre Lora Handpan

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Deep thanks Alex, for sharing your experience with us!

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