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Handpan Harmonic Master 15


The handpan that enables you to change the tuning to several scales!

The Harmonic Master® 15 is a one-of-a-kind handpan that pushes the limits of high-quality traditional handpan design by combining cutting-edge craftsmanship, innovation, and technology. This is our most revolutionary handpan created to perform a full 15-note chromatic scale. The top and bottom shells keep the playing method remarkably simple, and each side allows the performer to play independent scales, which opens up a whole new world of sonic textures.

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Available scales:

Harmonic Master 15 HM15 White Jade+
C# / (G) G# A (A#) (C) C# (D) D# E (F) F# (G) G# (A)

Harmonic Master 15 HC15 White Jade+
D / (G#) A (A#) C (C#) D (D#) E F (F#) G (G#) A (A#)

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