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Handpan Moon


The Stainless Steel processing grants this handpan an exceptional resonance.

Available in 6 different models: Koray, Selene, Chandra, Sina, Arianrohd and Perseide. The name of this series of handpans is inspired by different lunar deities. Embodies the profound meaning of life being reborn, of a cosmic regeneration that intertwines biological cycle with human destiny.

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Available scales:

Noreia – €2,290.00
A2 Minor Celtic: A / E G A B C D E G

Like a magnet impossible to resist, its extremely deep Ding pulls down the A minor scale, with a liquid sound that breaks the banks and fills the void.

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Koray – €1,890.00
B Minor: B / F# G B C# D E F#

“Koray” surprise with a lush, mysterious voice enhanced by an exceptionally powerful resonance.

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Chandra – €2,090.00
F Equinox: F / Ab Bb C Db Eb F G Ab C

“Chandra” is extremely versatile and combines the exceptional sustain of the Stainless Steel with an extra note. 

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Arianrohd – €1,990.00
D Minor Celtic: D / A C D E F G A C

“Arianrohd”: rich in sustain and harmonics, and a slight hint to Celtic popular music.

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Hathor – €2,390.00
G2 Hijaz: G / G G# B C D D# F G

Vibrant with persistent oriental hues, every note of “Hathor” incessantly sings the sacred in life, the sacred of life.

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Selene – €1,990.00
D Major: D / A B C# D E F# G A

The personality of “Selene” is aethereal and serene, with crystalline accents hidden in the higher notes.

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Sina – €1,990.00
E Minor: E / A B C D E F# G B

“Sina” is deep and subdued at first; a versatile instrument that fits both percussive and melodic styles.

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Perseide – €1,990.00
D Minor: D / A A# C D E F G A

“Perseide” is extremely elegant in its bronze livery; produces a clear and enveloping sound.

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