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Mutant Handpan


This mutant handpan gives you more possibilities and sound combinations.

Available in 3 different models: Argus, Polyphemus and Persephone. This series of handpans is inspired by Greek mythological characters. Mutant features exclusive enhancements that unlock brilliant possibilities for the musician and set a new standard for the future of handpans.

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Available scales:

Argus – €1,990.00
G# Minor: G# / C# D# E F# G# A C C# D# E F#

“Argus” unveils an unexpectedly delicate and sophisticated voice, with a subtle touch of Orient.

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Persephone – €1,990.00
C Minor: C / (G) (G#) C D D# F G G# C D (D#) (F)

A shadowy and melancholic scale that gives a round, poignant sound, as it happens when darkness surrenders to the light.

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Polyphemus – €1,890.00
E Major: E / B C# E F# G# A C# E F#

“Polyphemus” comes with a twist: a tenth note, the sharpest, nested just under the Ding.

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